Think Smoke With George Hensler

Think Smoke With George Hensler

Hello BBQ fans! My name is George Hensler

I am an admitted BBQ nut and have been asked by the good folks at Smoken Dudes to write a monthly column for their Blog.

First off, a little about me…

Think Smoke With George Hensler

I am the chief cook and grate scrubber for the competition BBQ team. Who are those guys? We cooked on the KCBS competition circuit for 10+ years and currently consider ourselves “semi-retired.” During our contest years, we were fortunate to capture numerous trophies for our submissions. We had a lot of fun, lost a lot of sleep, and probably consumed more than our share of cool adult beverages.

I have given numerous seminars, classes, and talks on everything from how to cook ribs to starting your own BBQ team and even been known to engage strangers on the street on topics of interest to BBQ folks such as about the intricacies of using fruit woods over hardwoods.

Although I am somewhat hesitant to admit it, I have even been known to have conversations with myself on many of the same things, but you didn’t hear that from me… I was a columnist for two national BBQ publications for 6+ years and have authored two books on the topic of BBQ, Startin the Fire, and Totally Q, both are available on Amazon.

I have been cooking over fire for about 55 years, but I don’t consider myself ‘addicted’ to BBQ. I feel I could quit anytime I want, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t want to stop, I LOVE IT. Those that suggest I need professional help apparently have never noshed on my brisket. …interpret that any way you like…but who doesn’t like brisket?

This column will be a mixture, of topics of interest to the general readership but also will be willing to answer questions or discuss topics suggested by the readers.

My contact information will be in every column, if you have a BBQ thought, question or concern, just shoot me a note and we will see where it goes, let’s have fun with it. I look forward to meeting and talking que with you in the months to come.

In the meantime, sit back, open a can, light a fire, toss on some meat, and THINK SMOKE.


  • 6 months ago

    Mark Litwin.AKA Mr. Mark

    Always had a blast with ThoseGuys when we would set up next to you as Mr.Mark BBQ and The Pequea Puller in the early days of competition.
    Fun times George! I remember your first Q in Bel Air when we first met.
    Now look at you. Jim would be proud and you know I am. Congratulations on all your success

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