Grilled Chicken recipe

Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled Chicken  

The secret to cooking good chicken on your grill is you have to have patience. A breast is best when cooked a bit faster and on direct heat but legs, thighs and wings are much better if you SLOW down. If you are adding breasts to this recipe, keep them as far from the direct heat as possible.  

Prepare your grill for indirect cooking: If you are using gas, set the knob as low as you can.  

You will need:  

4 to 5 lbs of chicken parts, skin on.  

Your favorite chicken seasoning or rub  

½ c olive oil  

1 cup BBQ sauce  

1 small bottle of zesty Italian salad dressing (optional)  

1 large heavy-duty zip-lock bag  

A good meat thermometer  

A few friends and a lot of napkins  

The day before:  

Trim your chicken of any excess skin or fat.  

Place chicken and dressing into a heavy-duty zip-lock bag and mush together. (I doubt you will see any other recipes out there telling you to ‘mush’ some things together but you know what I mean.  

Place the bag into the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight (better if you have the time). (You  might want to put the bag into a large bowl just in case your bag fails or you don’t zip the  lock all the way closed)  

Your cook:  

Remove chicken from bag and pad dry with a paper towel. After drying, apply olive oil to the skin of your pieces. Then apply a generous amount of your favorite rub to your bird.  If you don’t have a rub, salt, and pepper work fine. Place chicken, skin side down on your grill over direct heat for 5-10 minutes. You just want a good sear and you do not want to burn the skin so watch carefully. After searing, move the pieces to the indirect (Not over direct heat source) section of your grill, skin side up.  

Close grill and try to maintain a cooking temperature of 250-275, try to stay under 300.  Try to leave the lid closed for 20-30 minutes WITHOUT peeking. Remember, if you are looking, you ain’t cooking! 

After 30 minutes, open the grill and turn the chicken, close the lid, and cook for another  20-30 minutes.  

Note– Your cooking times here are dependent upon your grill set up, airflow, how cold the pieces were going into the cooker, and the size of the pieces. Your chicken will be done when the internal temperature is 165 for breasts and 175 for dark meat. When you poke the chicken with a fork or sharp knifepoint, the juices should run clear when done.  

Once at the desired temp, you can paint your pieces with the sauce. Be careful, most sauces have a lot of sugar in them, so you will want to keep away from direct heat or hot spots. When the sauce becomes tacky to the touch (after about 5-10 minutes) you are ready to serve.  


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