Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe

George Hensler’s Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe


Pulled Pork BBQ 

1 7-9 lb Boston butt (blade in) 

Mustard for slather (optional) 

1 cup dry rub 

1 cup apple juice (for wrapping) 

2-3 cups BBQ sauce (optional) 

 Prepare your grill for indirect cooking. Maintain a temperature inside the unit of 230-250 degrees. 

Trim excess fat from the butt (don’t we all wish?) 

Slather on mustard 

Generously apply rub, in other words, rub your butt 

Allow butt to stand while you grab a cold drink 

Insert butt into cooker, drop wood chunks into heat source 

Rotate occasionally to prevent burning 

Continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 165-180

Wrap butt in foil adding 1 cup apple juice 

Return to cooker (or oven) until internal temperature reaches 195-205 or until the butt feels right, in other words, here, you will need to feel your butt. (Blade bone will be loose) 

Remove butt from cooker allow to rest (still wrapped) for 2 hours before pulling (if you have time) 

Unwrap butt, pull or chop meat removing all bone and fat, reserving meat for eats. Toss pulled meat with a bit more rub and BBQ sauce (optional) and serve. Prepare to be showered with compliments.

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