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If you’re a competitor you know that the meat you choose can determine whether you win or lose in a competition. If you aren’t using the best meats available, you’re starting off with a strong disadvantage.

Here at Smoke’n Dudes we supply competitors and backyard enthusiasts with some of the highest grades of meats from around the world. You’ll never find some of these meats at a supermarket, but usually only see them in the smokers of barbecue teams who win the highest awards in competitions across America or in the kitchens of chefs with the most exquisite tastes.

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wagyu beef philadelphiaHighest Grade Competition Meats

If your love of barbecued chicken, beef, or lamb extends to your participation in the best barbecue contests, then you likely know that picking the right meats will help you win. When using inferior meats, you start out at a disadvantage during any barbecue competition.
At Smoke’n Dudes, we provide some of the best kinds of meat worldwide. This will help you win competitions across Philadelphia, or create the most delicious meals if you run a kitchen at a world-class restaurant. We offer the best meats across Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA.

At Smoke’n Dudes, we provide Duroc pork butts from Comfrey farm, which are very tasty, in addition to being nutrient-rich when compared to other types of meats.

Duroc pork is one of the most delicious pork’s available, so you know that you’ll win that barbecue competition with our meat. You’ll also want to get a top rated barbecue smoker when competing among the best.

Comfrey Farm Prime Duroc Pork comes from one of a small number of producers that provide a USDA, all-natural, Certified Duroc Pork. We offer some of the highest quality pork out there. This high-quality product is a very juicy and succulent meat produced in small batches to boost their taste.

The small batches ensure the greatest taste and flavor while keeping the quality consistent and traceable. You won’t go wrong with our Certified Duroc heritage pork. If you live in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, PA, you’ll want to check out the Duroc pork at Smoke’n Dudes.

If you’re interested in trying out some Wagyu beef for a local barbecue competition or your restaurant kitchen, then you should taste our Master Kobe AA9+ Brisket. This is considered the most supreme of Wagyu beef. Master Kobe brisket is provided to the world’s greatest chefs who have high demands for expecting absolutely perfect Wagyu beef.

The meat comes from purebred Wagyu cattle with a minimum of an AA8 grade. It uses an excellent aging process and this brisket is very rich in flavor. You won’t find better beef brisket in Bucks County. Check out the Master Kobe Wagyu beef at Smoke’n Dudes.

For amazing flavor and taste, you can’t go wrong with Berkshire pork. You’ll find that we use Berkshire pork to create excellent Butcher’s Block Prime Pork St. Louis Style Ribs. If you want to sink your teeth into some ribs, then ask us about our Berkshire pork.

All of our Butcher Block Prime Pork specialties are made with an old-world process as well as the technology of today for greater efficiency. We infuse all products with 42% fresh loin trimmings to give it a delicious flavor and beautiful, consistent marbling. Our Berkshire pork comes with quicker cooking times and will give you an eating experience you’ll never forget.

So if you’re located in Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA or Philadelphia, be sure to check out Smoke’n Dudes for our great meats and some of the greatest barbecue smokers around.


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