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tank smokers montgomery county paTank Smokers in Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

If you’re looking for quality tank smokers, you’ve come to the right place. Now, thanks to our varied line of tank smokers, it’s easier than ever to bring a bit of good old fashioned Southern-style barbecue to Montgomery County, PA. A barbecue smoker is a popular appliance used for cooking foods at a low temperature in a smoky environment. The end product, regardless of what you’re cooking, is a perfectly-cooked piece of food with a tender texture and a smoky flavor. Smokers, like other types of grills, come in many sizes and styles. Whether you’re cooking for family in Philadelphia or cooking for the crowds, a smoker can help you make a picture-perfect meal in no time at all. Contact us today to learn more about your options for Bucks County smokers and for assistance in choosing the right one.

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Choosing a Smoker

Tank smokers range in size from small, personal, and portable units to large appliances that can feed an army! Montgomery County, PA tank smokers run on fuel, but they take different kinds of fuel depending on the type you get. Pellets, charcoal, wood, and natural gas are some of the most common types of fuels used for smokers in Montgomery County, PA. No matter what kind of smoker you get, you will need to make sure that it creates the right amount of smoke and stays at the right temperature in order to create a perfect meal or win a Bucks County BBQ competition. You’ll need to keep most smokers at a temperature of at least 225°F for a delicious smoky flavor. We offer a variety of Meadow Creek smokers in Montgomery, PA for you to purchase to make that perfect meal.


Our Innovative Products

We take pride in offering top-notch tank smokers for all skill levels. This includes the reverse flow smoker, which features a special draft mechanism that makes it even easier to maintain the proper temperature in the appliance’s smoking chamber. With a reverse flow smoker, rest assured you’ll make consistent and delicious meals that your Philadelphia and Bucks County neighbors will love. Furthermore, the fact that a reverse flow smoker regulates its own temperature means less work for you. Combining the best of both worlds, our reverse flow smoker is just as easy to clean up as it is to use. For convenience, the reverse flow smoker has two stainless steel grates that slide out easily for cleaning and meal serving. Made with heavy duty steel tanks, our BBQ smokers in Philadelphia are durable products that will provide you with years’ worth of exceptional backyard cooking.


Options and Accessories

Shopping with us in Montgomery County, PA means you have many options. We offer a variety of accessories and options for a custom finish to ensure you have the optimal smoker. Just a few features you can get for tank smokers are a stainless steel smokestack, a stainless steel drip pan, a charcoal grill pan, and a vinyl cover. You can also get a trailer if you choose a large smoker in Philadelphia. An insulated firebox, which is another option, is also ideal for cooking outside throughout the year.

No matter what kind of tank smokers you’re in the market for in Bucks County, let us help you out. Our innovative and reliable products are designed to make picture-perfect meals anytime. Contact us today to learn more.