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flat top grills bucks countyCharcoal or Gas Flat Top Grills

When you think of a grill, a traditional-style grill with a closed rounded top is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But in reality, there are many types of grills on the market to choose from. Each has its own unique characteristics, such as size, fuel source, and cooking surface. One popular variety is the flat top grill. Flat top grills look like griddles, but they are distinguished by their heating element, which is circular instead of straight. Flat top grills produce a rapid high heat. Therefore, they are ideal for searing meat, vegetables, and other foods. They can also be used to make hibachi-style food. If you’re curious to learn more, contact us for assistance in getting the best flat top grills in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

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Advantages of Flat Top Grills

A flat top grill provides an even surface-top cooking surface. This design helps you cook food evenly. It also drains out excess grease and oil, making for a healthier meal overall. The best grills in Bucks County and Philadelphia produce high levels of heat. This means they’re ready to safely and thoroughly cook eggs, hamburgers, pancakes, and more in no time. And if you’re getting ready to serve a large gathering, no problem! This type of grill can easily handle preparing multiple kinds of food at once. Your grill’s cooking capacity also varies depending on the exact product that you get. Fortunately, we offer products ranging from conventional backyard grills to mega commercial BBQ smokers in Bucks County that provide large-scale dining opportunities for commercial purposes such as corporate events, community gatherings, parties, and more. After the party or event, it’s easy to clean up a grill with a flat-top surface. Flat top grills are easy to wipe down, and you can sometimes remove the cooking top altogether for a more thorough cleaning.

Gas or Charcoal?

Your traditional backyard grill probably uses charcoal as its primary source of fuel. The best flat top grill in Bucks County or Philadelphia can use one of two fuel sources, which is either charcoal or gas. Either one can be a good option – it ultimately depends on your personal preference. Generally, gas grills are slightly more expensive. Flat charcoal grills may be comfortable to use if you’re more familiar with that heating method. A patio grill in South Jersey can be a good option for storing a grill on a small space. Most are portable and easy to transport. Depending on the model, flat top grills can make up to 40 burgers at once! A Philadelphia flat top charcoal grill produces a source of direct heat that is ideal for quickly cooking items such as steaks and hot dogs. Since it generates high heat, it’s a good choice for meats and other foods that need to be cooked at higher temperatures. Gas or pellet grills in Philadelphia are low-maintenance and don’t produce smoke. They are generally slightly larger than flat top charcoal grills, making them a good option for Philadelphia commercial kitchens and meal preparation for larger crowds. These types of grills are designed to withstand the elements with features such as rust-free stainless steel grates, heavy-duty pipe burners, and gas valves.

No matter what kind of flat top grills you’re looking for, we can help you out. Contact us today to inquire about our inventory and find the best grill for your needs.