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pellet grills philadelphiaThe Ultimate Hassle-Free Pellet Grilling Experience

Pellet grills, or pellet smokers, are a popular type of outdoor cooking appliance that you’ll find from Green Mountain Grills. Pellet grills are an excellent alternative to standard grills for many reasons. For starters, they are lower maintenance and don’t require the constant adjustment that most grills need. Furthermore, pellet grills are safer to use and pose less of a fire hazard since they do not have open flames. You can also adjust their heat and temperature according to your personal preference, which means cooking translates to picture-perfect steak, s’mores, chicken, or any of your other favorite grilled items.

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Pellet Grills Available Throughout Philadelphia & Bucks County

As you’ll soon discover, pellet grills have many benefits. One main reason why pellet grills are so popular is because they are very user-friendly and intuitive. If you’ve ever shied away from grilling because you’re intimidated by all the charcoal, lighter fluid, and vents to account for on a regular grill, a Philadelphia pellet grill is your solution! All you need to do with a pellet smoker is set your preferred temperature and your grill is ready to make a perfect meal with minimal maintenance. Additionally, pellet grills are also a fuel-efficient appliance. Rather than burning through wood or charcoal at a steady rate, they only consume about one pound of pellets for every hour of cooking time. They don’t require propane or matches, which makes them a safer and more convenient option overall. Your Bucks County friends, family, and neighbors will be impressed by how predictably delicious your food is when prepared with a pellet cooker.


As with any other kind of grill, there are several different types of pellet smokers for sale in Bucks County and Philadelphia. Fortunately, Green Mountain grills include flat-top grills in Philadelphia and patio grills in Bucks County. Successfully cooking on pellet grills requires a high-quality appliance and taking your own personal preference into account. If you frequently host large BBQs, a larger grill is the most economical investment. However, a smaller grill works just fine if you generally grill for smaller audiences in Bucks County or Philadelphia. Along with size, cost is another factor to consider. Pellet smokers’ range in size from smaller and simple grills designed for personal use in your own Bucks County backyard, while others are high-end appliances intended for use in Philadelphia commercial kitchens.


Now that you’re ready to get started with a pellet grill, it’s time to find the best one. Green Mountain grills carries an assortment of grills for sale to choose from. Some products you may find are the Davy Crockett Green Mountain Grill, the Daniel Boone Prime Grill, and the Jim Bowie Prime Grill. The Davy Crockett is the smallest grill for sale. With a tool basket and digital WiFi-based controls, this grill combines ease of use with portability for optimal cooking. The Daniel Boone line features grills with temperature control, faster start times, integrated fans, and even bottle openers! This line of mid-range stoves includes products that use WiFi and others that don’t. The Jim Bowie grills are the largest for sale on the market. They’re great for industrial cooking on pellet grills with the capacity to hold a whole hog or 12-racks of ribs.

No matter what you’re looking for, contact us today to learn more about our Green Mountain grills and find the best product in Bucks County and Philadelphia for your needs.